April 28, 2012

Bryan and I went on a trip to visit his brother Marc in Sacramento. We decided to go to San Francisco while we were there. Our first stop was the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a beautiful, sunny day—so Bryan suggested walking across the bridge. Marc was there with us, and we all started the walk. Less than half-way across the bridge, Marc wandered off. I didn’t really notice, as I was enjoying the view and trying not to look down (I am not a big fan of heights).

The next part is a little fuzzy. I remember Bryan told me how much he loved me, and how he wanted this day to be special. All of a sudden, he is down on one knee! I don’t think I realized what was happening. He asked me to marry him, and I said “of course!”, then I immediately told him to get up. He put the ring on my finger, and I was in total shock. Marc came back and took pictures. I had no idea he was taking pictures of the proposal the entire time. There was some applause from people nearby. Both of us had too much adrenaline to continue walking across the bridge.

We got back to the car and I immediately called my parents and sister. They were not surprised by the news. Apparently Bryan had already talked to them and showed them a picture of the ring. We had planned to have lunch with my cousin Chloe that afternoon. Chloe was also not surprised by the news—word travels fast in my family. We grabbed lunch at Ike’s Place, and ate our sandwiches at Dolores Park. Bryan and I will both agree that the sandwich from Ike’s was our 2nd favorite part of that trip.